San Fran restaurant reopens after complaints of bacon smell.

STFU! Seriously, Bacon? Stop playing…

A doctor by the name of Jennifer Gunter has discovered three illnesses that can be partially cured with bacon. The delicious artery-clogging ham is a form of therapy in the year 2015. Apparently bacon can cure the following…

Laura Rodriguez
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1.Nose Bleeds: In October of last year a Stanford Doctor cured a girls blood use by using Bacon! He was even awarded the 2014 Noble Prize of Medicine. The high salt content of bacon induces swelling which causes the blood vessels to constrict slowing the flow of blood. Who would have guessed…

2. Furuncular myiasis: Harmful parasites that can destroy your tissue. Bacon is used a bait to feed these animals so that they crawl out of your body.. gross


3. Scabies: Bacon can be used to treat this itchy skin infection. Basically you rub bacon all over your body.It is basically like a cream substance, because Scabies creams can be very expensive this is an alternative method.

We wouldn’t recommend you using Bacon as medicine unless you absolutely HAVE TOO!