Greg Plitt Dies
Fitness instructor Greg Plitt who appeared on the Bravo show “Work Out” died Saturday after he was struck by a train ! CLICK READ MORE FORR PICTURES AND DETAILS !

Greg Plitt Dies
The 37 year old Bravo Star by the name of Greg Plitt Dies by a Metrolink train in Burbank around 4PM and according to KABC he was with some friends who may have been shooting video for a protein shake he was advertising at the time. One passenger of the train reportedly said right before Greg Plitt Dies , Plitt had a camcorder in his hands when he stumbled over the tracks. Great Plitt was the physical trainer of a lot of celebrities including 50 Cent , and Sylvester Stallone.

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The incident of when Greg Plitt Dies is still under deep investigation. Greg Plitt has modeled for Calvin Klein, Old Navy and Under Armour … and images of his body were used to help create the physique of Dr. Manhattan in the film “The Watchmen.”
You will be Missed , RIP TO GREG PLIT
Greg Plitt Dies in Tragic Train Crash


Greg Plitt Dies