Thieves Record Video Bragging About Their Hustle. I’ve seen people do a sh*t ton of dumb things in my 21 years of living but I think this one takes the cake. Click read more to check out their video.

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After (probably robbing someone or a store) these two thieves pull a very rookie move. They turn on the ipad they stole and record a video of them flashing the money they stole. These people must have never taken criminology 101 because now this video of them is all over the internet and we all know it only takes a few hours for them to be identified and thrown in jail. The sad thing about the video is that the kid on the left looks like he’s about 15/16 yrs old and you can’t help but wonder where his parents/guardians are and why he’s not in school. But that is life as we know it and everyone chooses their own path. So let this be a warning to you future criminals, don’t steal. Go out and work hard to get those things. But if you have to (Which I don’t suggest) DON’T MAKE A VIDEO OF YOUR HUSTLE AND PUT IT ON THE INTERNET.