NYPD Says Mayor Sucks C**k of Protesters

The disrespect is so real SMH! In a recorded conversation following the recent police funerals NYPD Says Mayor de Blasio Sucks the C**k of Every Protester in yet another scathing rant. We get it, but…damn. Why they so mad bruh?! Read the scripts and see if you can find an answer.

The NYPD Says Mayor de Blasio Sucks the C**k of Every Protester and is “nothing but a whore’s court jester” in a group rant following the funeral of slain police detective Rafael Ramos a few weeks ago. What has now been released is a conversation/tirade highlighted from Michael Greenberg of The New York Review of Books’ “The NY Police vs. the Mayor” report. He entered a bar where a dozen NYPD officers gathered after the funeral and asked them why the relationship between them and the mayor has become so heated???

Individuals from the NYPD Says Mayor de Blasio Sucks the C**k of Every Protester in their answers, the highlights were as follows:

Didn’t the blacks and the protesters merit at least a portion of their contempt? No, they said, I didn’t understand, the protesters didn’t count. They were just “followers,” “rabble-rousers,” “anarchists,” “know-nothing kids looking to make a scene.” When I suggested that this surely wasn’t true of every one of the 30,000 demonstrators on December 13, one of the officers shot back, “It was de Blasio’s fault that all those people showed up. He told them it was okay to spit in our faces. They knew we had been given orders to let them run wild.”

Mmm…getting past the whole “didn’t the blacks and the protesters” part, *eye roll* and getting to where the NYPD Says Mayor de Blasio Sucks the C**k of Every Protester. Allegedly-apparently, the scene took a movie-style turn and the crowd broke into fever pitch:

A diminutive, white-haired sergeant climbed onto the top of his stool, silenced the bar, and in a booming voice delivered a rhyming toast that ended with the verse, “De Blasio is nothing but a whore’s court jester, sucking the cock of every protester.” The cops in the bar roared, and three or four officers followed with de Blasio–hating toasts of their own. Drinks flowed. A retired detective from Yonkers reminisced in great detail about the various suspects — or “mutts” — he’d clobbered and left for dead. When he saw me listening and obviously suspected I wasn’t “one of us,” he said, with an unconvincing smile, “None of those stories are true, understand?”

Sheesh!!! Riiiight. And SURE…taking this all with a grain of salt that this is right after a funeral of their own (understand the NYPD is like any fraternal order, tight knit society, some would say ‘gang’ or ‘mob’ organization as any other) AND they’re at a bar, obviously drinking. But still…what colors does this stunt add to the current perspective of police vs. everybody? And like…why they so mad??? They’ve gone from banners and back turning to spreading de Blasio smokes weed rumors and now this. This is definitely deeper than just the slain officers. What do you think?

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