Someone's Putting Boar's Heads Outside Vegetarian Restaurants

Really though… An investigation is underway as Someone’s Been Putting Dead Animals Outside Vegetarian Restaurants in Berkeley, California. So far two boar’s heads (one skinned and one with the hair, snout, neck, eyes and all) have been found in front of meatless dining spots in the area (SMH)!!!

Well damn… Someone’s Been Putting Dead Animals Outside Vegetarian Restaurants. “There is shock and outrage in the community” as Berkeley police are searching for the culprit(s) who may or may not be making a definitive statement however random. The manager of Herbivore restaurant found a skinned boar’s head outside it’s doors a couple days ago, followed about an hour later by another hit to Flacos vegan restaurant (“Feed La Revolucion!”) in another part of town.

Someone’s Been Putting Dead Animals Outside Vegetarian Restaurants and police are struggling to make sense or even put two and two together:

“It was definitely an unusual thing. It’s nothing I have seen or experienced in my almost 20 years that I have been at the police department. I’m not sure if there is some specific intent behind it, or if someone was trying to prank somebody,” said Berkeley Police Officer Jennifer Coats.

Residents are saying it’s safe to jump to conclusions that it’s an attempt to make fun, offend and demean people who don’t eat meat. One of the heads was cleaned up before police got to the scene and the other they turned in to animal control. They’re still trying to figure out where they come from, who did this, and why. Police are so far unsure what category of crime this incident falls under.

What would you call it??? PS. Did you know about White Castle’s new veggie burger?

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