Howard Stern Weighs In On Flex/Jay Z Situation, Lmao, I’ll start by saying, this guy is funny. Ok so word of the situation got back to popular Sirius/XM satellite radio host Howard Stern and his team, Robin, Gary, and JD, so while breaking it down for Howard, they play back the audio of Flex, and Howard and the team weigh in on ‘who’s side they are on’.

Tat Wza

Howard Stern Weighs In On Flex/Jay Z Situation:
So although Howard ultimately is not taking sides(but because he’s worried Hov is going to stab him), he does say, “We have to take Flex’s side right, he’s a radio guy, radio has to stick together”, and Howard also said he likes Flex’s style. Take a listen, but around the 21 minute mark, unless you’re a Stern fan, that’s it, but their word on the street with fake questions, kinda funny;

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