Back at it with the music label Cash Money, Tyga hits up Twitter to inform fans that his fourth LP, The Gold Album has been pushed back yet again.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Cash Money is turning into the most hated label these days, and the one that started the war is Tyga. Late 2014, the California native went on a bashing spree about his disdain for Cash Money due to them withholding back his musical stamp in the industry. Fresh into 2015, it’s still a problem. The Gold Album, which was scheduled for release January 27 via his own label Last Kings, will not hit shelves just yet. “Still fightin with [my] label,” Tyga tweets out. What could be the issues? Yes, contracts, but why mention the release under LK if Cash Money still had that hold? Things that make you go, hmmmm…

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While we wait, Tyga is working with friend and fellow musician for their joint album, Fan of a Fan 2, scheduled for release this spring. The duo recently stopped in L.A. to shoot the video for the single “Ayo“. Check out some behind the scenes footage.