Robin Thicke had to call on some help from an old flame… his ex wife Paula Patton! *gasps* Read more after the jump…

Robin has been in hot water since 2013 over the song “Blurred Lines”. Marvin Gaye III insists that Robin stole the song from his father, Marvin Gaye. The two have been going back and forth and still nothing his been resolved. Robin tried his best to get the case dismissed but Judge John A. Kronstadt wasn’t hearing that and denied him in October of last year. The judge felt like “Got To Give It Up” and “Blurred Lines” had some of the same phrases, melodies and many other similarities.

Dayum this isn’t looking too good for the R&B singer. Back to the story, well, Paula was listed as one of the witnesess to testify for his song “Love After War” which she co wrote. Marvin’s son thinks it copies his dad’s track, “After The Dance.” We shall see what happens real soon because the trial has a set date in February on the 10th in Los Angeles.

Ladies, after your ex husband cheated and made himself look like an azz in public, would you still help him out in court?

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