Kyle Lowry has made some friends in the right places besides making a name for himself on the court. Last year Lowry was deserving of making the all-star game, but was snubbed instead and watched like the rest of us. This year things have changed and he and the Raptors are ballin’ which had led him to being named starting guard for the east. Very recently he was on the outside looking in as far as the votes go until Justin Bieber stepped up for him.


Lowry was 3rd in All-Star voting for the Eastern Conference backcourt position behind Dwyane Wade and John Wall … that is, until Bieber tweeted to his 60 MILLION followers to vote for the Toronto Raptors star.

Well, Bieber’s plan worked … with Lowry surging ahead in the voting at the last minute to secure a starting spot, beating out Wade by 15,000 votes.

Normally I would say this is being overblown, but given the circumstances I think Bieber really did help Lowry secure the spot.