It sounds like the NFL is not taking “Deflate Gate” laying down and is launching a very serious investigation. We had been expecting to hear from the league today but it was starting to get late in the day and a statement seemed unlikely and then suddenly we have this. The Patriots better be prepared because it seems the league is about to do some very serious digging.


The NFL says it has already collected video, electronic information and physical evidence — and have hired forensic experts to see if foul play was a factor in Deflate-Gate.

The league just announced it has hired Renaissance Associates — which it describes as “an investigatory firm with sophisticated forensic expertise to assist in reviewing electronic and video information.”

The league has also tapped NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Pash and attorney Ted Wells to head the investigation into the New England Patriots and to find out why 11 balls were underinflated at the AFC Championship game.

Wells, of course, famously led the investigation into the Miami Dolphins hazing case — which involved Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

The league already said it knows for a fact the balls were deflated by a human, and not by the weather conditions so they are going hard to get answers.