West Nuptials

Kanye West Says No To Kim’s Wedding Dress? The “Bound” rapper Kanye and his fare lady Kim were making their way to their limo when a fan/paparazzi asked for an autograph on his Kim Kardashian wedding photo….. The problem is the photo is from wedding #2, when Kim married Kris Humphries. Was this a simple mistake or is paparazzi trying to flex? Find out how the “Stronger” rapper responded to paparazzi this time after the jump.

You can see in the video below that Kanye refuses to sign the picture. but shockingly he does it with a smile. Can this be the new and improved 2015 Kanye? I guess he finally realized he is to blessed to be stressed. He is married to the woman of his dreams, he has a greater sense of purpose now that Baby North is here, He has a brand new album that will most likey drop this year, and hes making music with icons like Paul McCartney. Good Job Kanye for keeping your cool and not going off on paparazzi. Maybe that was on his New year resolution list? Kim on the other hand is always nice to paparazzi she took a moment to sign someone poster.