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Kenya Moore Behind The Tacky ‘Black Lives Matter’ Ad? The Real Housewives of Atlanta aren’t the number one show on Bravo for no reason. They bring the drama like no other every Sunday at 8pm. Many allegation about housewife Kenya Moore have been floating around for the last two years.This “Tasteless “Black Wives Matter” Logo is now added to the top of the list.In the words of her arch nemesis Phaedra Parks ” if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck then child it’s a duck” More info after the jump.


It’s really not appropriate to try and make light of a movement that is trying to prevent tragedies like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown And Eric Garner from occurring. This ad that was created makes a mockery of the black lives taken by police. It also makes a mockery of all the protesting thousands of people have been apart of.Police officers having to wear body cams is something that has come out of the #blackLivesMatter campaign. Bravo was quick to cover their tracks”These posters were not created by or in any way affiliated with Bravo.” The company that is responsible for creating the poster states that Kenya’s representive gave them the greenlight. Kenya Moore has yet to respond to these allegations. Maybe she is still busy tweeting about Lupita??????? Sips tea

We would like to start by apologizing for our involvement in the Black Wives Matter Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta posters. This was never supposed to happen the way it did. We are part of a design team from Chicago that also works out of New York City. We were hired by who we believe was a representative of Ms. Kenya Moore in early December to design and print these posters.
We are deeply sorry for propagating social injustice and pain in America. We are coming out about this because it has conflicted with our morals as a multi-racial design team. Major corporations and celebrities continue to exploit our culture for economic gain and as designers need to begin to stand our ground.