The Denver Nuggets traded Nate Robinson to the Boston Celtics whom eventually bought out his contract making him a free agent.  Instead of waiting for calls to come his way, Robinson decided to get the ball rolling himself and reached out to the Miami Heat.  Unfortunately they didn’t care enough to respond.

Shay Marie

via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

Nate Robinson, the explosive 5-9 point guard with an 11.1 career scoring average, reached out to the Heat after his buyout from the Celtics, but after two days, Miami still hadn’t responded. Robinson’s scoring could help off the bench, but the Heat has typically avoided point guards that small.

The Heat might regret that and personally saw what Robinson can do as he helped the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls put up a fight against the Heat in the postseason.

Still I’m sure there’s other teams interested in having the energetic guard come off the bench and provide some extra points.