Lil Wayne

Its Getting real crazy over at the Young Money Cash Money ” Family ” . Some time back we have heard issues between Lil Wayne and who has been portrayed as a father figure in the rappers life , Birdman AKA “Baby” . Looks like its getting even more serious every week as Lil Wayne is Leaving Cash Money he is saying that he wants to bring his fellow YMCMB heavy weight artists along with him through the exit .
Click into the post for all the Details and some Audio of the Louisiana rapper elaborate on his plans.

Looks Like things are Escalating between Lil Wayne and Birdman . Lil Wayne is Leaving Cash Money and he is making it known! It has already been reported that Lil Wayne is suing Baby for $8 million and that Lil Wayne Will do anything to get from under Birdman’s Wing ( All puns intended , call me corny I don’t care ).


Written By : Eric Scantlebury

But Lil Wayne in not just suing for the Money, its far from just money involved . The Young Money CEO is also suing in order to retain the contracts of all the Artists such as Tyga , Drake ,Nicki and pretty much anybody who owns a YMCMB Chain . Since that Umbrella under Cash Money belongs to Wayne, he feels he should own the rights to those artists as appose to Birdman. We all know Wayne is about his money and is a business man to say the least, so can we expect him to be the official head of all of these Young Money artists ? Doesn’t sound far fetched to me .

The Fight for the artists does NOT look like its going to end well , considering that Cash Money has a distribution deal with ever Young Money artist . Birdman also played a pretty huge role in putting together most of the Heavy weights on that team such as Tyga Drake and Nicki Minaj in a well shaped career.

But it looks like Lil Wayne Could honestly give a F**K about any part of Birdman’s Contribution to these artists as he says on his CoCo Remix that he is going to take Drake and Nicki Along with him as he leaves that YMCMB Door .

CHECK OUT BELOW ! TO HEAR A CLIP OF Lil Wayne Expaining his plan to take Drake and Nicki With him as he leaves Cash Money on the CoCo Remix !!