MESSAGE: We know that he does not always have a smile on his face, but Kanye West – or shall I say Ellen DeGeneres – has given fans a reason to cheer up, despite snow falls. Thanks to Ellen, we may have a title, or a tentative one at least, to the upcoming Kanye West project.

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Kanye news has flooded our timelines plenty since the opening of the new year. It warms our hearts when we hear the news of a Paul McCartney collaboration and the release of the single “Only One“, which is dedicated to his first and only born, but also happens to be the possible title of the upcoming album. Ellen Degeneres is celebrating her birthday today, Monday Jan. 26, with Kanye as a special guest on her show. The daytime television host made the announcement over the weekend, revealing Kanye’s album title.

I’m celebrating with some really wonderful people, too. Kanye West will be here for an exclusive interview! He has a new CD coming out called “Only One.” I hope I can keep it.

We don’t want our hearts broken – you know, like that Eminem thing – so for now, we’ll keep out fingers crossed. It would make sense. The track that opened the year was dedicated to his daughter, why not dedicate the entire album to the beauty.

Hit up the gallery for a brief relationship history of Kanye and Ellen. Awww…

If you missed it, Bad Gal RiRi also joined in the Paul McCartney collaboration in the single, “FourFiveSeconds“. Check it out here.