Meet Dr. Dre's New Rap Protege

A hint at or further delay on the “Detox” album many say at this point will be taken to the grave??? The Compton industry mogul isn’t slowing down the rest of his hustles as we now Meet Dr. Dre’s New 23 Year Old Rap Protege from Texas already stirring controversy, Twitter talk and intrigue. What’s most of the fuss about…and is he really that good???

Meet Dr. Dre’s New 23 Year Old Rap Protege Justin Mohrle from Dallas, Texas who’s touted as the Beats’ boss’ newest discovery. What most people are clamoring about is the fact that Justin is a “white rapper,” who’s music has largely been removed from the internet since the announcement of his collaboration with Dre(–so try not to judge, mostly unofficial really early work out there). For right now faint commentary circles the net questioning and even underestimating Justin’s song and writing skills, though he’s already been in the studio with a laundry list of notables.

While the web was just put on to Meet Dr. Dre’s New 23 Year Old Rap Protege it’s reported he’s already worked with the likes of Gwen Stefani, King Mez, BJ The Chicago Kid and more. A slew of Instagram posts trail his journey thus far showing Justin with the Aftermath family and Xzibit (check the gallery).

Meet Dr. Dre’s New 23 Year Old Rap Protege who was connected through Death Row Records artist and Dallas native D.O.C. who you should know ran with Dre in the NWA days. D.O.C. initially signed him to a 360 deal with his label before sending Justin’s demo to Dre and, voila.

“We’re all putting our energy toward building another classic for The Good Doctor,” The D.O.C. says. “Then he’s going to take his time to help us build a classic for the youngster.”

*Eyebrow raise* sounds like this MIGHT be part of a set up for “Detox” after all??? As far as Justin, this will definitely be interesting if the trail left from Snoop, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kendrick are any judge. Should the whole “white rapper” thing be at play here at all???

You can read the full breakout interview on Justin’s come up and the official word from DOC and the Aftermath camp here.

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