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John Wall helped six-year old Miyah meet Nicki Minaj before she passed away from cancer.  Wall and Nicki only met once but they formed a bond and friendship through Miyah.  Nicki helped repay Wall for his caring and generosity by helping him become a starter in the upcoming NBA All-Star game in New York City.

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This year the NBA did away with the paper All-Star ballot and went all digital with votes online, by text or via Twitter.  This faired well for Wall as Nicki Minaj voted for him via Twitter where she has 18.8 million followers and got her die hard “barbs” to follow suit.

via CSNWashington.com

Because of her celebrity, that vote for Wall amounted to far more than just one thanks to retweets and who knows how many others simply who followed her lead.

“It’s pretty exciting to see her, at that level, to show some support and vote,” Wall told me following a recent practice.

Her tweet alone didn’t do it — Wall’s improved play had a lot to do with it, he has developed into one of the clear five best point guards in the game. But it doesn’t hurt to have a friend who has more than 18 million Twitter followers helping out.

It seems celebrity help is the way to go, Nicki Minaj helped John Wall and fellow Eastern Conference guard Kyle Lowry received a lot of help from Justin Bieber.

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