Bobby Shmurda inspires wedding proposal

No good news yet as the Judge Brings Count to 101 Charges for Bobby Shmurda and GS9 adding 32 more charges to the original indictment after a preliminary court appointment today.

Judge Brings Count to 101 Charges for Bobby Shmurda and GS9 and it’s not looking good for the Brooklyn crew nor Bobby. A lot–and–nothing has been going on as Bobby’s original defense attorney Greenberg has now been replaced with Kenneth Montgomery, who made a strong motion for the “unfair” bail to be reduced though the judge firmly denied. This is after confirmation that Bobby WILL face his original gun charges. He’s been housed at “The Tombs” aka the Manhattan Detention Complex and currently is looking at 4 types of conspiracy.

Today’s hearing was designed as a formality for the record: Shmurda and each of the 14 defendants entered not guilty pleas and Judge James Burke scheduled the proceedings, with the crew’s next court date set for Apr. 22. But Shmurda’s lawyer, who had only taken on the case recently following the exit of the MC’s first lawyer Howard Greenberg, took the opportunity to challenge the eye-popping amount of money the court set for Shmurda’s bail.

Not only was the judge not trying to hear about bail (that Epic never paid) and denied any court date to discuss it, the Judge Brings Count to 101 Charges for Bobby Shmurda and GS9. Bobby’s bail was set high because it’s believed he’s the “leader and enforcer” of the group’s activities though his lawyer argues there’s no evidence to support it. All 32 of the added charges “are either second degree criminal possession of a weapon, third degree criminal possession of a weapon or criminal possession of a firearm” stemming from the Quad City Studios raid.

While Bobby’s counterpart in the crew Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall is also facing a steep $2 million bail, the additional charges now bring in Binish Mahmoud, Aja Davis and Michael Legall on the indictment. Rashid “Rasha” Derissant and Alex “A-Rod” Crandon also both face 2nd degree murder charges and have been denied bail all together.

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