Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league and the Oklahoma City Thunder have come close to winning the championship but never quite got there.  Many people, some joking some not, attribute Durant’s woes to the curse put on him by rapper Lil B.  The Based God curse was placed on Durant in 2011 after KD dissed him on Twitter.  Lil B confirmed that the curse is real and still on.

Shay Marie

Recently, Lil B spoke to the Warriors World podcast and confirmed that the curse remains in effect.

As transcribed by mstarz.com:

“Nah man, the curse is still real, KD has been avoiding me,” the rapper laughed.

“KD, it’s all around the locker room, his teammates talkin’ about it, his teammates tease him about it, he even talked to me about it a while back.”

Unfortunately for Durant, not only is Lil B keeping the curse alive, the rapper is also planning on coming to see the basketball star in person.

Lil B told the podcast that he will sit courtside and heckle Durant if the Thunder play the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs.

He added, “I know his people want him to focus on the season, I know he has stuff that he has to do, and potential championships to win and contend with… but he’s got to deal with these Warriors right now, and he can’t beat the Warriors.”

“Ay man, if we goin’ first I’m there,” he laughed. “I’m there. That’s what I’m saying; have me there when you want me. I’m that kryptonite; he can’t deny that game. He can’t deny it.”

This playoff matchup actually could happen with the Warriors currently holding onto the No. 1 seed and the Thunder fighting for the No. 8 seed, but it also sounds like Lil B is petitioning for some free courtside playoff seats.  I don’t blame him.

h/t FanSided