Dr. Dre

When you become Hip-Hop’s first BILLIONAIRE, it’s only right you ditch your old pad and cop something extravagant just because. Rapper/ producer Dr. Dre recently sold his HUGE mansion in Hollywood Hills, California for a whooping $32.5 million dollars, which is nearly double of what he bought it for originally. His neighborhood includes other famous people such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reaves and many other well known A-list celebrities.

Dre let his six-bedroom, nine-bathroom “bird house” mansion go because just in the Spring, he purchased a huge estate in Brentwood for over $40+ MILLION dollars that used to belong to Tom Brady and his model wife, Giselle. I mean, it is ONLY right to live as lavish as possible when you’re rolling in the dough like Dre. Peep some flicks of his “tinier” mansion that he just sold over in the gallery. Whoever purchased it, when you throw huge bangers– don’t forget to invite me. Thanks in advance… (LOL!)

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Source: TMZ