Suge Knight Allegedly Killed On A Movie Set

Damn Suge… Witnesses are claiming Suge Knight Allegedly Ran Over & Killed Someone on a Compton Movie Set earlier today after an altercation broke out during the shoot. Yikes!

Tat Wza

update 4;
Suge Knight has turned himself in. After questioning of witnesses, the police department found that with Suge the murder was intentional, which is why he’s been officially charged. His bail has been set at $2M. Watch as he walks in to meet investigators below.

update 3;
Police found Suge’s truck in the Westwood section of LA in an abandoned lot, Suge ghost, and apparently his attorney stop communicating….is a white truck gonna come in to play here?!? #SugeMayBeTheNewOJ

update 2;
LA police held a Press conference, and found out there were 2 fights, 1 on the set, then one at a fast food spot, where the actual fatal car run over, but they also found out that Suge backed over the victim twice….yeah, they’re still looking for him.

update 1;
LA County Sherriff has issued an All Points Bulletin for Suge, key phrase in the APB, ‘187’, and as law enforcement is looking to lock Suge up for murder, allegedly Suge’s lawyer is negating his surrender….stay tuned, we will have more info as soon as possible!!

Suge Knight Allegedly Ran Over & Killed Someone on a Compton Movie Set where The Game, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and more West Coast notables were gathered, presumably for the N.W.A. movie production. Sources say the former CEO of Death Row Records “rolled up” and got into a fight with a crew member while he was still in his car.

Suge Knight Allegedly Ran Over & Killed Someone on a Compton Movie Set and it’s reported he then put the car in reverse and literally ran over the bystander at the scene. TMZ reports “Knight’s claiming he feared for his safety from the crew members due to his “frail health” after he was shot six times this summer.”

“We’re currently investigating the situation and don’t have any comment or anything to report at this time,” Deputy Rouzan, L.A. County Sheriff’s Department in the Public Relations Office

Though Suge fled the scene there was a witness in the car who is undergoing questioning. The victim Terry Carter is dead.

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