A lot of black people feel beating your child (not severely) makes them turn out better in the long run.  In fact jokes are often made about how white people let their kids talk to them and behave any way while a black child wouldn’t dare do that.  Justin Bieber would’ve had a lot less problems in life if his mother would’ve given him a few good ass-whoopings over the years, so says NFL legend Eric Dickerson.

Shay Marie

via TMZ Sports:

As you may know, Dickerson is no stranger to Biebs — they were neighbors in Calabasas and E.D. says he would often see the kid driving dangerously fast around town.

Bieber eventually moved — and last night he made a new video explaining that he truly wants to change for the better.

So, does Eric think Bieber has a shot to become a better person?

“It’s possible,” Dickerson say.

But check out the video — Dickerson explains why “a good ass whoopin’ never hurt nobody” … and why he believes tough love from a parent made him a BETTER PERSON in the  long run.