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Jay Z is buying Spotify Rival Tidal For $56 Million? Well there has been a lot of talk about Jay Z and what company he’s going to purchase next. There was even talk that he was going to purchase Hot 97. This rumor began after the Big Blow Out between Funk Master Flex and Jay-Z. So now that #Hov97 is out the picture it looks like the “Beach is Better ” rapper has his eyes on streaming. According to reports Jay Z is buying Spotify Rival Tidal For $56 Million. Find out more after the jump.


The proposed acquisition is being made via the mogul’s Project Panther Bidco, a subsidiary of his S. Carter Enterprises, and is still subject to shareholder approval. A spokesperson said Panther’s “strategic ambition” for Aspiro is to expand and up-scale its technology and services.

Perhaps Jay Z is trying to land a lucrative deal like Dr Dre. Dr. Dre really cashed out after he sold Beats to Apple.”Dr. Dre made some serious money selling Beats to Apple, and the consensus among analysts is that the deal was mainly about buying the company’s streaming service, rather than its admittedly lucrative headphones.”
What do you guys think? Will the “Holy Grail” rapper and his team follow through with this or will it end up in the same category as #Hov97 #NONEXISTENT?