Hip hop artists YG and Ty Dolla $ign seemed to have gotten themselves into some hot water last Sunday… ALLEDELY!
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The place.. the VIP section of an Australian nightclub, the time… unknown. We don’t know what actually happened that night but what we do know is cops are now investigating. YG and Ty Dolla $ign performed at Eve club in Melbourne and a fan is now accusing them of beating him up.

Authorities stated that the clubgoer is claiming that the two rappers kicked and punched him in the head over their space. He said that while he was in the VIP section, YG, Dolla and the rest of the crew came in trying to get everyone else out. He also claimed that he refused to leave because he was there first and that’s when they began the beat down and chased him outside. Some moments after the alleged incident, the police arrived at the scene and shut ish down. No one was arrested.

Sources said that Ty and Dolla didn’t beat up anyone and explained that the security were the ones who really kicked him out.

Hmmmmm! Who do you believe?
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