The Brooklyn Nets have been actively trying to trade Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez but so far deals for all three have fallen through.  The Denver Nuggets are still trying to trade for Brook Lopez but the Nets have rejected their offer.

Shay Marie

via Marc Stein of ESPN.com:

Denver, I’m told, has been pushing an offer of J.J. Hickson/JaVale McGee for B-Lopez. Nets have so far been firm in their refusal to take it

Tonight’s Brook Lopez performance helps explain why Nets, even though they’ve seriously discussed trading him, feel they can’t give him away.

Brook Lopez had 35 points, 12 rebounds, three steals and three blocked shots off the bench during the Nets 127-122 overtime loss to the Toronto Raptors.  The salaries match in the trade but Hickson and McGee wouldn’t make the Nets better.  While Hickson as a role player for $5.6 million next season is palatable, McGee at $12 million is not.  The Nets still remain determined to move Lopez as he holds a $16.7 million player option next season and has been struggling defensively as well as offensively.  Last night’s game proves he still has the ability to put up All-Star numbers but he hasn’t provided them on a consistent basis.