Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Videos To Facebook. Stop me if you’ve heard this before (my boss actually did stop me before writing this article to make sure we haven’t posted this one before) but a couple teens rob someone and then post it online to flaunt, only to get arrested and jailed days later.

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Here we go again, another case of teenagers doing sh*t they should have no business doing and that’s robbing people. Life isn’t that hard for an 18-year to turn to a life of crime, just work hard and the money will come. But some people don’t want that, they don’t want to work hard for themselves instead they want what people worked hard for. These two idiots robbed a guy of his cash and phone and decided to USE the guys phone to post footage of their collecting’s onto Facebook. What they didn’t know was that the video also automatically posted onto the guys Facebook of whom they robbed. Long story short, they are now sitting in jail. Look I don’t condone robbing people and will never but if you’re going to do it (Which I highly don’t suggest) be smart about it. Don’t try to post it on social media to look “cool” to those that follow you. They don’t care, trust me bro. In fact, what they will do is forward the video to their local police station for investigation and listen to you get arrested on their police scanner app. Let this be a lesson to you future robbers, JUST DON’T DO IT.