mariah carey

Saturday Night was a terrible performance for Mariah Carey , Not only did she Lip Sync but it was AWFUL !!! Click into the Post to watch !

Mariah Carey was performing at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival Friday and was expected to be a incredible addition to the show, but that isn’t exactly how you could describe her performance.

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Although Mariah Carey was never exactly glorified for her on stage performances as appose to recording sessions, this has to go in history as Top 10 Performance FAILS !!!

It starts off bad and then gets TERRIBLE as Mariah Carey starts to mix lines to one of her biggest songs ‘Fantasy’ then almost gives up as she forgets the words!!

There were probably fans in the crowd that new her music better then she did.

Mariah Carey is a big name is music , and I would imagine that that’s why people came to see her sing . SING !! they could of listened to Old Mariah Carey CD’s from the 90s and gotten the same effect that Mariah Carey Displayed on Saturday night .

How Do You guys feel about the Mariah Carey Performance ? Think you may Know her Lyrics More then she does ? Hey ! by the way she “Performed” Last Night I wouldn’t be surprised

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