Tracey Morgan Says He’s Working Hard On Recovery. The 30 Rock comedian was in a terrible accident on June 7, 2014. The accident left him with a lot of injuries broken back rips to name a few. His road to recovery has been a struggle but he is pushing through a few months back he was learning to walk with a walker less than 24 hours ago TMZ reporter recorded Tracey walking with a cane. The comedian told reporter he’s working hard to get back to is normal self. More details after the jump.

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Tracey walking almost independently is a really a great success; especially after having to be in a wheel chair. The reporter asked if he would be attending Saturday Night live’s 40th anniversary. He replied no comment. There is a possibility that he may attend keep your fingers crossed.Eddie Murphy is returning after 30 plus years to celebrate comedy show’s milestone.

This article really moved me I was in car accident a year and half ago and broke my back ankle and fingers so I know the struggle of learning to walk again. These incidents make you really appreciate life and see it as a gift. Little things like being able to get out of bed become huge accomplishments. It will take some time but I am confident Tracey will fully recover. “I’m on #Inflexwetrust talking like it’s just me and you” (in my Kanye Voice) that’s my favorite Kanye Verse from “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” any way let me know your thought in the comments.