ifwt nicki-minaj-meek-mill ft

Rap superstars Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been fueling the fire for numerous dating rumors to be flying around over the past few months. We have all been scrapping up any possible clues that could tie the two together in a romantic way for quite some time but now, we may not have to look any further! Nicki Minaj posted up a picture onto her Instagram page last night (Monday, Feb 2nd) just one day after they were reportedly spotted together on Super Bowl Sunday. In this photo, Meek is holding Nicki super tight, appearing to be “together” at last, looking like the ultimate Hip-Hop power couple.

I’m guessing she tried to wait a LITTLE bit before going super public with Meek to give her break-up with long-time boyfriend Safari ‘SB’ Samuels some time to settle before jumping into a whole new relationship but I mean, it IS Nicki Minaj. She is the queen and she does what she wants. Meek did not post anything up yet with his rumored bae in it, but I’m sure her page is doing all of the talking…. for now. This is exciting for the rap game! I’m hoping for lots of dope collabs and some great hurt music to be made when they fight. YASSSSSSS!

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