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Byron Scott was the coach of the New Jersey Nets for three-and-a-half seasons from 2000-2004.  He helped guide the team to two trips to the NBA Finals and on that team was Jason Kidd.  Scott was fired midseason in January 2004 and one of the reported reasons was an issue with Kidd, who at the time was the team’s most prominent star player.  Fast forward a decade and the relationship remains cordial, but with the Lakers in Milwaukee to take on the Bucks, Byron Scott on Jason Kidd was open and honest about the way things currently stand.

Shay Marie

via Bill Oram of the Orange County Register h/t ProBasketballTalk:

Reporter asks Byron Scott about coaching JKidd, who was known as a “unique personality.” Scott: “He was kind of known as being an a–hole.”

Asked about his relationship with Jason Kidd, Byron Scott said, “Cordial. And that’s about as good as it’s gonna get, too.“

On reports Kidd conspired to get [Scott] fired: “That’s all I’ve heard. Now did he actually go and talk to Rod Thorn & those guys? I don’t know.”

Scott has been pretty open and honest about a lot of things as head coach of the Lakers this year.  In fact so honest, he’s open himself up to ridicule for some of his decisions.  Kidd on the other hand has done better than expected with the Bucks having a 27-22 record and being over .500 after being at the bottom of the standings last season.  The Bucks beat the Lakers 113-105 in overtime.