Seeing the cast of Saved By The Bell reunite will probably be the best thing you watch today. Jimmy Fallon contacted Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano and even Mr. Belding for a drift down memory’s bliss at Bayside High.

Watch eight minutes of flashback humor after the jump.

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The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon was home to the popular high school that we all enjoyed attending – Saturday mornings at that. Jimmy plays Bayside’s newest student, who decides that he’s not going to stay, because of his dream of being a comedian and possibly dating Nicole Kidman. The inside jokes are hilarious. “Jimmy going on a date with Nicole Kidman is like Jessie becoming a stripper,” said Zack. I spit out my coffee on that one. Saved By The Bell at its best!

Check out the antics.

Talk about some physical changes. A larger than life Mr. Belding, a pregnant Kelly and well, let’s just say that Zack could never pass for the role of a blonde heartthrob teen ever again. Still love ’em though! Smooches.

Take a gander in the gallery for more of the Saved By The Bell cast.