KEVIN MCCALL TALKS ABOUT CONFRONTATION WITH CHRIS BROWN,EVA,WALE. In a recent interview Kevin McCall Talks candidly about all of his frustrations. Chris Brown apparently has been giving McCall the run around in terms of his music and clearing documents that would allow him to get paid. He even goes so far to say he had to “Check” Chris Breezy “I’m not Drake or Frank Ocean.”Eva Pigford put a restraining order against him and Wale just annoyed him with his comment he put on social media. Geez Louise he has a lot going on. Find out more after the jump.

Kevin talks candidly about the issues life has brought his way. He stated that Chris Brown was upset about him working with KeKe Palmer.The “Loyal” singer allegedly stated that working with Keke would ruin Kevin’s career and the label will not endorse it. I wonder why Chris is so adamant about Kevin not working with KeKe? Not to a long ago his on again off again girl Karrueche appeared on Kekes show and broke down in her arms. Anyway back to Kevin. He also talks about his relationship with Eva. He said that he got her pregnant after 2 months of dating. However the baby was made out of love she wasn’t an accident. The two didn’t waist anytime. He does admit to kicking down the doors in the house but he clears his name and states he didn’t chase her around the house and there wasn’t any verbal or physical abuse they just had a dispute like any normal couple. Kevin reveals durring the interview that he was hurt; she didn’t stick up for him once the story reached TMZ. Kevin admits he doesn’t know Wale nor does he follow him on social media. Apparently wale’s fans tweeted him the comment with the emoji and he said it made him angry.He later apologized to Wale for the comment he made. Check out the videos below.