Fans of Floyd Mayweather in Australia were disappointed to learn this week that his travel visa was denied by the country. According to them it was because of his past history displaying violence towards women and they did not want someone like that around their citizens. It sounds like a huge reach for the government because Floyd is not gonna be there attacking anyone and he was only going there to promote a fight, but they weren’t trying to hear it. Now comes word his list of demands for while he was there may have rubbed some people the wrong way and may have contributed to his visa being denied.


Floyd Mayweather, Jr. supplied an Australian promoter with an eye-opening list of demands for his prospective Australian tour, demands that appear petty, but should come as no surprise.

Mayweather’s rooms in Melbourne and Sydney had to be stocked with Cristal champagne and a bottomless supply of gummy bears, M&Ms, fresh fruit and juices.

Mayweather demanded that both hotels have a barber skilled in cutting African-American hair available 24-hours-a-day. He also wanted a butler, chef, makeup artist and a women’s hairdresser on call.

Mayweather’s 31-person entourage – which included a Miss Universe winner, personal DJs, a mascot, agent, security guards, personal assistant and others – required a full floor of rooms.

The promotional tour was supposed to include gala dinners at Crown’s Palladium in Melbourne and Darling Island Wharf in Sydney, where fans would pay $200 to $1000 to be in the presence of the 10-time world champion. Mayweather reserved the right to refuse to take photographs with anyone other than selected top-paying VIPs.

All questions during an audience question-and-answer session would have had to be vetted and approved in advance.

The music at nightclubs Studio 3 and The X-Studio would have had to be chosen by Mayweather’s personal DJs – DJ Jaybling and DJ Efeezy – for the entire time he was there.

Citing Mayweather’s 2012 domestic violence conviction, Australia’s Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash turned down the 37-year-old boxer’s visa application — a decision that the promoter, Max Markson has vowed to fight.

Some people claimed Mayweather’s visa was turned down because he personally was not liked the by government of Australia, especially after hearing of his demands. Judging by that list, the promoter might just want to leave things alone as is.