IFWT_Tygas Old House 1
Man Targets Tyga, This guy thought of everything….everything except to target the correct house 0_o
Here’s the scenario, dude rolls up on the block and asks ‘where’s Tyga’s house’ (Witness #1), goes directly to the backyard of where pointed to, breaks in, takes a couple things, leaves, calls 911 himself requesting medical assistance(another thing to track), and is picked up….

Tat Wza

Man Targets Tyga;
So he broke into a house previously owned by Tyga in Calabasas(which when he purchased it, $6.5M’s), but now owned by music exec Anthony Tiffith(no word on what he paid for it), whom was home at the time of the break in, but in another area of the house. When Tiffith realized he had been burglarized, he went to the video tape, saw the guy and called the cops. By the time 12 figured it out(‘beat cops know sh*t’), dude was gone from the hospital he was taken to…nuts.

Apparently the couple things he took was two phones…..how much you want to bet he wants to give Tyga(or someone in one of those phones) a mixtape o_0

See photos of the Front, backyard(where dude broke in), and some inside shots of the house in question in the gallery above.