Obviously Yeezy hasn’t learned from his past faux paus. SMH. Ye not again! This time Kanye West interrupts winner at the Grammy’s(second stage interruption) & goes on rant?? Oh Yeezy. Though’s he a father and a husband now, he definitely hasn’t stopped his passionate displays. Peep Ye preparing to interrupt winner Beck inside.

WooooH! Looks like Yeezy may have just learned his lesson last time around, as attendees and viewers tuning in at home, watched in horror as they thought Yeezy was preparing to have a repeat of what happened some years ago. The time when he infamously snatched the mic out Taylor Swift’s hands at the VMA’s and interrupted her speech because Bey’s video ‘Single Ladies’ lost in the category, and Ye thought it unfair. At one point Bey and Jay can be seen pleading from their seats with Yeezy not to do it. Its quite hilarious. Although it was a joke, Yeezy completely turned up in an interview with Terrence J and went on tirade about creativity, and even admitted he felt like Bey should have won tonight in the category and beat out Beck. Shrugs. Its a Yeezy thing. He’s just passionate about his craft, and what he believes in. One thing’s for sure, “the award show’s better stop playing with real artists!” Peep the shenanigans below.

Andrea G
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Kanye explains why the Grammy’s need not play with real artists anymore?

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