Slick Rick Says Hip Hop is "Altered & Diluted"

Just turning 50 years old (Happy Birthday!!!) is one of the culture’s architects, highly regarded as one of Hip Hop’s most crafty, entertaining and “revolutionary” rappers from The Bronx, who sat for a recent interview speaking on the power, youth, and his still* fresh perspective. Making it clear he’s not a “miserable old person” Slick Rick Says Rap Has Lost Its Way, Is “Altered and Diluted” and gives a non-bitter taste of what he sees in today’s game.

The legendary Rick the Ruler included a sit down with The New York Times as part of his milestone birthday, who captured the rapper’s unique vision, descriptive memories of origins and The Bronx, forever young spirit and strong beliefs about the power of Hip Hop culture in a timeless profile. It was during the exchange Slick Rick Says Rap Has Lost Its Way, Is “Altered and Diluted” in the context of creating against the grain:

“Hip-hop disrupted the order of things,” he said. “It was the pulpit, and if you put the right person in front of the pulpit, they can speak for the youth of the planet. Instead, it was altered and diluted. What you see now are performers who have been broken to fit into a mold. They are not going to disrupt the order of things.”

While Slick Rick Says Rap Has Lost Its Way, Is “Altered and Diluted” he’s quick to note he’s not depending on a young person to give him purpose nor does he feel-or-talk like he’s 50 years old–he’s actually quite content with what he’s done and where he is in life (unfortunately not always the case with OGs). The Great Adventures rapper is still using his imaginative mind, and while he’s part of the fabric that got us here, the diverse Renaissance of the 1980’s that led into Golden Era of Hip Hop and championed diversity, is reflective of his story that isn’t uniform to other OGs:

“His own life offers a different take on the usual retelling of hip-hop’s origins. He did not grow up going to DJ Kool Herc’s fabled parties at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, or grooving to Afrika Bambaataa’s turntable wizardry at the Bronx River Houses. He found his style on Fordham Road, a fitting place for a high school art student who was into fashion.”

As a result, the fact that Slick Rick Says Rap Has Lost Its Way, Is “Altered and Diluted” is more of an independent opinion from an independent identity. The Slick Rick who used to tell the illest tales in rhyme, mob with Doug E. Fresh, be dripping in gold ropes, insane jeweled medallions, chunky rings and diamonds, killing crowds, records and stages with his funky English accent, Jamaican roots, an eye patch, law and immigration issues, and inspiring the likes of the Notorious BIG, Nas, Snoop, Ghostface and countless others–is still touring, composing, lending his swag to projects and living in The Bronx.

What do you think, do you agree that Hip Hop is in a trance or do you think he’s overlooking a lot of significant artists doing their thing right now??? Or do you agree with the recent comments on the game by Raekwon???

Read the full story here. Check the vids for a vintage look down memory lane and his Hip Hop Honors tribute!

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