Charles Barkley is known for being outspoken and pissing a few people off and this time he got those in the basketball world who use analytics.  Reporters, general managers and some coaches all use analytics but Chuck thinks it’s a certain type of person who relies on that.

Shay Marie

It all started when Charles Barkley said the Houston Rockets weren’t a good defensive team despite analytics saying they’re 5th in the NBA.  Rockets general manager Daryl Morey fired back at Chuck, saying the good part about being at a TNT televised game, is not having to listen to Charles Barkley spew misinformation disguised as entertainment.

The TNT crew put up the Morey tweet which sent Barkley on a tangent.  According to Chuck the guys who use analytics had no talent and couldn’t get girls so they used analytics to get in the game.  Barkley said smart guys had no talent to play the game so they made a term called analytics to fit in and get in the game.

Chuck also said the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs didn’t use analytics, they had great players and coaching staffs who made the players better.

Personally I think analytics are helpful but I also think they can be manipulated and should never be used alone.  The eye test (actually watching games) is always necessary in addition to analytics.