CAA is one of the most powerful agencies in not only sports but the entertainment world period.  That’s why when Roc Nation Sports was created and linked with CAA it was assumed that Roc Nation wouldn’t falter like the No Limit agency it was initially compared too.  Well now after two years of working together, the two companies have decided to part ways.

Shay Marie

via NY Post:

“Roc Nation Sports and CAA Sports have recently concluded their two-year partnership. Roc Nation Sports and CAA Sports are two of the premier agencies and they will continue their high levels of client service to the world’s top athletes,” according to a statement.

“Going forward, they will each focus their efforts on their own business opportunities and clientele.”

The companies share several high-profile athletes, including the Seattle Mariners’ Robinson Cano, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and the New York Giants’ Victor Cruz, according to Sports Business Journal, which first reported the news.

Under the partnership, Roc Nation Sports — a division of Roc Nation — took the lead in getting marketing and sponsorship deals, while TPG-owned CAA handled the athletes’ player contracts.

Obviously the smart thing to do would be to stick with CAA, the more powerful agency but Roc Nation Sports is coming up and their competition with CAA is rumored to be the cause of the split.  Now that Roc Nation Sports is standing alone without the backing of CAA, we’ll see the real tests of how they fare in the tough sports agency world.