While some are trying to keep their love life on the hush, Sevyn Streeter and B.O.B. has done everything but shout their relationship status from the mountain tops. There were rumors of the two cozying up to each other, B.O.B. going as far a calling the singer/songwriter a “good luck charm” even, but now that the cats out of the bag, why not brag. “I just enjoy being around cool people that don’t take life too seriously and don’t kill the fun and enjoy their lives,” Sevyn tells The Jasmine Brand on what she enjoys most about her relationship. Although they’ve been put on cute couple watch, Sevyn is far from worried about outside influencers interfering. “You can’t control what people say. You live your life and you stay focused on what matters that’s all.” Good vibes.

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Sevyn also goes into her process of writing some of her hits songs. “I kind of hear melodies first,” she explains. “You know, every song starts out with you throwing something against the wall and seeing if it’s going to stick.”

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I honestly think these two look great together. For some reason, I feel like it’s going to last. Hey, why not? Lil Ms. Sevyn Streeter is doing her thing and so is her man. Get it! Love is in the air… <3 <3 <3! Check out the gallery for more from this beautiful couple.