Adam “Pacman” Jones was escorted out of the Hollywood Casino in Indiana on Wednesday morning reportedly over a dispute at the casino cage.  The video obtained shows Jones pretty pissed off.

Shay Marie

Cops were called to the casino to respond to a “disorderly person” after an incident inside the building.

The footage, which begins after Jones was confronted by police, shows the Cincinnati Bengals star passionately pleading his case to the officers  and claiming he didn’t do anything wrong.

You can hear him say in the video, “Where I’m from, if I ain’t threatening you, if I ain’t do s**t to you, then I ain’t disorderly conduct.”

Casino sources tell TMZ Sports, the incident began at the casino cage, when Jones got into it with an employee who immediately got security involved.

As for what they were arguing over, it reportedly had to do with casino chips — but the specifics are unclear.

At one point in the video, you can hear Pacman say, “Y’all trippin’ over a couple thousand dollars?”

Jones was eventually asked to leave the casino and was not arrested. Pacman’s agent insists he never broke the law.

Cops say they’re still investigating the incident but it doesn’t look that serious.

Pacman posted a video on his Instagram account complaining about the Casino incident being reported.

A video posted by @realpacman24 on