_Bruce Jenner Made Decision To Transition To A Woman More Than A Year Ago!

It looks like Bruce Jenner is getting closer and closer to becoming a full-blown chick (which is still completely blowing my mind). According to US Weekly, Bruce revealed his new female name he plans to use after his transition is complete to Diana Sawyer in an exclusive sit-down interview that was recently taped. A source who heard the interview claims that Bruce “referred to ‘her’ in third-person” throughout the entire interview. (By “her,” we mean his inner female that’s apparently about to make a huge debut).

The 65-year-old former Olympian has been brainstorming different names for his E! special that will give us an inside look into his entire gender transition. The network, however, is still deciding on how many episodes the special will be. However, Bruce’s transition will be delayed until the car crash case gets resolved. According to sources from Radar Online, “[He] is giving all of his time and energy right now into helping out with the investigation and in making sure that there is peace for those close to the deceased.”

Another source close to Bruce revealed, “Everybody feels for him. He’s been fighting a private battle and has come so far. Now he’s really shaken up.” Keep an eye open for the dates that Bruce’s exclusive interview and new series will be airing on national TV. Any thoughts on his name change? Bridget? Brenda? Just throwing possible options out there.

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Source: PageSix