I realize most of my fellow Knicks fans seem mentally challenged sometimes, but even they should be able to agree this is the best move for everyone involved. Carmelo Anthony said yesterday he is very likely to sit out the rest of the season after the all star game. It makes the most sense. This Knicks team is going nowhere, and hasn’t been pretty much since November. Best thing is to have surgery and shut it down and come back 100% next year, with hopefully a better team. From the sounds of it Melo has serious plans to recruit guys to the Knicks this weekend.


Anthony, who has battled the knee pain for months, aggravated the injury in Monday’s loss to Miami, and sat out Wednesday against the Magic. He told ESPN Radio that he still plans to play in Sunday’s All-Star Game in front of his hometown fans at Madison Square Garden, even if it is just for a couple of minutes.

“I don’t think the fans deserve [seeing me miss the game],” Anthony said via Ian Begley of ESPNNewYork.com. “They voted me in for a reason, so at least I can show them that I appreciate that by just participating in the game.”

If surgery is required, Anthony wants to get it done soon so that he is ready to go for next season.

“That’s why if anything was to get done, I want to get it done right away so I’m not taking time and missing training camp and things like that,” Anthony said. “When I come back to training camp, I want to be sharp.”

With the Knicks at a league-worst 10-43, there is no reason for Anthony to try to tough it out the rest of the way. New York is expected to have at least $30 million in cap space to spend this summer, so perhaps Anthony can get an early start on some free-agent recruiting.

“I know what it takes to play in New York,” Anthony said. “I know who can handle New York and who can’t handle New York. … If I’m coming to you, that means I really want you to come over here and join forces with me.”

If you see Melo talking to your favorite player this weekend, chances are he could be trying to convince him to wear the orange and blue. He is going to have to work hard to convince anyone to come to MSG based on what we see now.