Bruce Jenner is having a hard time with his daughters recently as he really wants them just to shut up about his sex change. Hop into the post for the details !

The Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner says his family leaks his business entirely too often to the point that he has a difficult time trusting them .Bruce Jenner says that he feels uncomfortable giving his Kardashion Daughters any information about his sex change.

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Bruce Jenner apparently hasn’t been so happy with some of the recent leaks and blames those leaks on the Big Mouths of his reality TV Star daughters. Bruce Jenner said he is making sure to play his cards right when it comes to talking to them , which is verily complicated since they were shooting Season 10 of the reality show

And What’s More Reality then Pop Deciding he wants to be a girl ?

Bruce Jenner has said he feels conflicted because he knows the Vh1 Hit reality TV Show ” Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s ” Can fuel a bit of interest in his future plans . Bruce Jenner is worried that whatever he said on an off camera was leaked out to the world all because of his daughters and there show !!!

Kardashian’s…….Shut The F**K UP !!!!!!!!