Bruce Jenner transformation

This story is by far one of the weirdest ones to hit the tabloids thus far. According to Bruce Jenner, he knew he wanted to be a woman since he was only five-years-old. We’re currently watching him go through the steps of a gender transformation but being that Bruce is such a public figure and was considered the best male athlete in the WORLD during the ’76b Olympics, even then– he claims he always knew he wanted to be a chick deep down. Sources reveal that in Bruce’s head, he’s been considering himself a woman for years– he just was never publicly open with it due to his family’s reputation.

However, he apparently never “acted like a lady” in front of his kids and has NOT revealed his new female name to neither them OR to Diane Sawyer (aw, shucks.. I was so excited to hear what it was.. SMH). I guess we just have to stay tuned in and watch his extremely interesting transformation go down right in front of our eyes.

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Source: TMZ