During All-Star weekend in New York City, John Wall stopped by Hot 97 and did an interview with Peter Rosenberg.  They touched on a variety of topics during his half-hour interview including RG3, playing at Madison Square Garden, Wall’s relationship with Wale (a “great friend”) and appreciation for Allen Iverson.  One of the topics they discussed was Wall’s love life.  The All-Star was pretty honest and candid in explaining where he’s at right now.

Shay Marie

“The lady life is great for John Wall, man,” Wall said. “I’m single. … I see it as, I’m young. I feel like if I came into the game with a girl I was in love with, it’s different. There’s been a couple ladies I liked, wanted to date. But I know I wouldn’t be faithful right now. I’ll be honest, though, I’ll be honest. I’d rather be friends and stay that way than go with a girl, lose a friend and never talk to her again. I’m not ready to be faithful, so I’ll be honest with a woman, and I don’t want to break nobody’s heart.”

Wall is a young basketball player and along with his skills, his fame is also rising.  It’s great that he acknowledges he isn’t ready to be tied down rather than cheating on a special woman like many other athletes do.  I’m sure when the right one comes along at the right time, he’ll settle down.

h/t Washington Post