Derek Fisher, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden

Many people say the Oklahoma City Thunder haven’t been the same since they traded James Harden instead of paying him.  Since then Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have to work harder trying to get the team back into championship contention but with injuries and not enough pieces to the puzzle, it’s been a difficult task.  Durant did an in depth interview with GQ and discussed the Thunder’s roster.

Shay Marie

via GQ:

Were the Thunder being loyal to Durant and his teammates when they traded James Harden, two and a half years ago, breaking up the best young core in the league in order to save a few luxury-tax dollars? Has the team ever really given Durant what he needs to win? Durant has been asked this question so many times he may not realize that he’s begun answering it honestly.

“Players are paid to do their jobs, no matter who’s on the court. And as superstars, you gotta lead what you have. You gotta make them better. Some players might be better than others. Some teams might be better than others. You gotta do your job, and you gotta trust that the front office is going to do their job. It’s hard, though. You know what I’m saying? Because it’s like, shit, I want win. Obviously our players aren’t as good as, you know, than they were before. But you have to figure it out.”