Move over Blue Ivy, and somebody call up Mr. Maury Povich. 21-year-old Rymir Satterhwaite has filed a handwritten paternity suit against Jay Z, claiming that the actions of HOV has caused financial and emotional burdens. But of course…

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In 2010, Rymir’s mother filed a paternity suit. The suit claimed that she and the popular icon had an affair way before Beyonce was in the picture. Mom wanted badly for Jay Z to take the test, but his attorney was able to get the claim thrown out on the account that he is a New York resident, but the filing was done in New Jersey. In December, Rymir’s legal guardian, Lillie Coley refiled the suit, alleging that those same lawyers provided fraudulent residency information. Seems as though Jay has THREE homes in New Jersey.

Like many others, Satterthwaite is an aspiring rapper. However, let’s not let this sway the public opinion, because that nose is spot on. I’m not the only one who thinks so. “It could be a sign of inheritance,” Dr. Anthony Young exclaimed to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER on the similarities of the young kid and Jay.

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