Let’s talk business, the Tyler, the Creator way. The “Daisy Bell” artist took to The Ritz Carlton in California for a conference where he opens up about his next business venture. As if Odd Future, Loiter Squad and directing isn’t enough for the 23-year-old, Tyler has decided to dive into the realm of Internet television channel. “Technically, we’re just cutting out the middle man (middle man being the cable companies),” Tyler begins. “I’m creating my own network. I’m creating my own MTV, my own Cartoon Network on this thing.” The “thing” is called Whalerock Industries, a media/technology company that creates content for the many medium channels. Owner of Whalerock, Lloyd Braun admits that other artist making the same leap into Internet television channels are, Howard Stern and the Kardashians. “Done right, we are going to show how premium artists who want to control their media life and engage directly with their audiences can work synergistically with traditional media, resulting in a better business for everybody,” Mr. Braun said to The New York Times.

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Tyler is really a class act. Following the news of his new business venture, Tyler disses the audience’s “kinda comfortable” but not really sense of style – being the reason for a colorful gifting of socks – and then says talks his dislike for advertisers. You know those 15 second clips that play before every YouTube video? Does anyone like those? NO!

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