So much speculation has been surrounding Drake and his “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” project. People didn’t know if it was an album or a mixtape because Drake even called it a mixtape himself. So according to Kyle “KP” Reilly over at DatPiff, it is indeed an official album under Cash Money. Therefore, Drake has fulfilled his 4-album obligation to the label and he can either dip like Lil Wayne or stay if he wants to. KP explained the situation in full details in a statement to HipHopDX.
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“Originally we were in talks to release it for free… and have DJ Drama host and even make it an official Gangsta Grillz… however the label was not in favor of that and they struck an agreement to release the project the retail route and it would count towards one of his albums…It was a mutual decision since he wanted to give it away. They [the label] said, ‘Hell no,’ not in those words, so they ‘agreed’ to do it this way as a middle ground and it would count towards his Cash Money deal album total. The label had zero input or creative control over “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.”

So there you have it! This decision to switch from a mixtape to an album was a very last minute one. “This was about two to three weeks ago when the release plans and label decision was up in the air”, KP added. As you know Drake’s ALBUM hit number 1 in the 1st week selling over 535,000 copies. No one at Cash Money responded yet.

Now the question is, do you think Drake is staying?

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