Now I like to consider myself a connoisseur of beautiful things…. and sexy as well as highly limber songstress Mya, definitely makes the cut. While the singer endured all types of slander after her brief stint in the strip club circuit, after her performance at G5 in Miami. Two things we observed during her mini performance. Mya, who is a trained dancer is STILL pretty flexible after all these years…oh and let’s not forget, super BAD. Peep a sexy Mya showing off the goods on the beach in sexy bikini inside.

Dayuuuum! curvy singer Mya shows us her body is still ‘like woah’ stripped down in sexy bikini. While the R&B songstress has definitely moved away from the spotlight, the beauty is still hard at work, putting out new music, and looking to make her way back on the music scene. Hence her performance at G5 stripclub. Kanye shrugs, we all have our methods of going about certain things! Who are we to judge? Regardless I’m sure we all can agree, Mya hands down is still one of the baddest natural beauties in the game. Peep the sexy songstress in her bikini in the gallery above.

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